Corona in 24 hours The virus is out of control and a marked decrease in p


Books – Youssef Afifi:

Within the past 24 hours, Egypt and the world have witnessed important events associated with the emerging crisis of the Corona Virus outbreak.

The most important news was the Ministry of Health’s announcement, Thursday, that 950 new cases had been proven positive for laboratory analyzes of the new Corona virus, the death of 53 new cases, a new resolution on sick leave for government and private sector workers, and the WHO reiterated its warning that “corona” was out of control “.

In the following report, Masrawy provides the most important news:

Significant decrease .. Health announces the number of corona injuries and deaths today, Thursday

Because of “Corona” .. a new decision on sick leave for government and private sector employees

Corona Mitigation of Corona .. Madbouly reviews a report on Egypt’s status in the sustainable development index 2020

Because of Corona .. IATA: 58% of passengers do not want to travel on planes

Cairo governorate: seized 35 thousand anonymous medical masks

Global Health Repeats Its Warning: Corona “Out of Control”

Global Health: Corona is not under control and the situation is getting worse

“World Health” issued the first evaluation to deal with Corona in November

Global health: Corona circulation through the air may occur during medical procedures

The Arab League supports the Security Council resolution on the “Corona” pandemic, and calls for an end to armed conflicts

Bahrain records 3 deaths and 610 new infections with Corona virus

UAE records 532 new cases of corona, bringing the total number of cases to 53,577 cases

Tunisia: 10 new cases of newly infected Corona virus recorded

Jordan: No cases of corona virus for the second consecutive day

Sudan: 74 new cases of coronavirus and 5 deaths were recorded

628 killed in a month … a more serious pneumonia warning from “Covid 19” in Kazakhstan

Mexico: Corona injuries exceed 275 thousand, and 32,796 deaths

An Independent Audit Committee .. World Health Announces New Action on Corona

Algeria imposes a partial home stone on two towns due to the spread of Corona

America: Corona injuries increase 2% in 24 hours

Indonesia records the largest daily increase in cases of corona infection, and the total exceeds 70,000 cases


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