Corona inside the body .. masquerades and hides from the immune system until it multiplies


07:00 PM

Friday 31 July 2020

I wrote – Noor Ibrahim:

A recent study showed that the Corona virus disguises itself so that it can hide inside the cells of the body without being detected by the immune system.

According to the American magazine “news week”, the research team examined the three-dimensional structure of a protein called nsp16, and found that the virus uses this protein to change the way its genetic material is delivered to protect it from the immune system so that it cannot encounter it.

Protein secretes enzymes into the cells of the body that delude them as human DNA, and a change in the shape of the virus allows the simulation of the genetic material of the cell that enters it so that it cannot distinguish it.

Yogesh Gupta, associate professor of biochemistry and structural biology at the University of Texas Health Science Center, said the virus uses this trick to hide inside the cell and reproduce inside the body.

The virus relies on the use of the protein found in human cells to multiply, so the body’s cells multiply the virus without realizing it.

Gupta said that his team has an incentive to understand what makes the Corona virus deadly and different from other viruses of the same species, hoping to help develop new treatments for it.

Gupta added that their studies on the virus provide a solid framework for developing new antivirals and emerging coronary diseases in the future.

Gupta explained that human cells contain proteins that do similar things, so the immune system cannot differentiate between the two.


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