Crime in 24 hours 7 killed in 3 fires in Alexandria .. and a worker


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Tuesday 30 June 2020

Books- Atef Murad:

The Egyptian street witnessed a number of incidents that occupied public opinion in a number of governorates, but the reasons for committing these crimes were different between

– 14 ambulances and firefighters … How did Alexandria governorate devices save the children of Ajyal Hospital? (photo)

Alexandria Governorate issued a statement in which it revealed the details of the governorate services’ handling of the massive fire that broke out at the Ajyal Private Maternity Hospital in Roushdy, without causing injuries.

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– The flames hijack his soul before Corona … the tragedy of one of the victims of the Alexandria Hospital fire (photos)

On their family of intensive care, death had another decision as to what would be the end line for seven of the victims. Amal filled their corona with the hearts of their loved ones, before being abducted by a fire that suddenly broke out, at dawn, at the Badrawi Specialist Hospital in Sidi Bishr in Alexandria.

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– “The manuscripts are intact” … a limited fire at the Central Library, Alexandria University

A limited fire broke out in the Central Library of Alexandria University, today, Monday, due to a short circuit in the cable connected to the electricity room, without any injuries.

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– Killing, burning, slicing and barrel of potash … shocking surprises in the “Talibiya Child”

A source close to the family of the child, “Fajr A.,” 12 years old, revealed shocking surprises in a heinous murder that accused a worker of an illegal relationship with her mother in the Talbiya area.

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– “Moandish Corona” .. Details of the suicide of the housewife from the seventh floor with olives

A housewife threw herself up from the seventh floor after being suspected of contracting the emerging coronavirus, on the Canal Street in the Olive Zone.

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– They threw stones at him. The accused of bullying the arrest of a Sudanese youth in Giza

The security services revealed the circumstances of a video clip shared by Facebook users, during which a young man appeared as he was walking on the main road, and one person threw a stone at him and another photographed him.

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– The Ministry of Interior reveals the video of a person assaulting his sister in Minya

The security services of the Ministry of Interior revealed the circumstances of a video clip circulated on the social networking site “Facebook” that included the detention of his sister for a long time and ill-treatment in the Minya Center circle.

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– 4 firefighters extinguish a fire in an apartment in El Mariotia

Today, Monday, the Civil Protection Forces in Giza put out a fire that broke out in a housing unit in Mariouteya.

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– Because of a car loaded with “sponge” .. 3 injured and a house burned in Dakahlia

3 people in Kom El-Nour village of the Mit Ghamr Center in Dakahlia Governorate were injured by separate burns after a fire broke out in a car loaded with sponges as it passed through one of the village’s streets due to contact with electrical wires, causing the fire to extend to a house in the street, two shops and a motorcycle.

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– Because of a dog … a worker kills his brother in a quarrel in an arcade

On Monday, after a quarrel between them over a dog belonging to the accused, a brother of his brother stabbed a knife with the nephew of his victim.

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