Cuneiform accuses international parties of trying to “blockade Egypt” through Libya


11:19 PM

Tuesday 30 June 2020


The spokesman for the Libyan National Army, Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari, confirmed today, Tuesday, that the international community is divided over the Libyan crisis, noting that “there are those who want Libya without an army and police to besiege Egypt.”

“The international community is divided, there are spectators, and there are those who want Libya without an army and without a police in order to besiege Egypt, and there are those who want to monopolize the export of arms to Libya, as a market,” Al-Mismari said in an interview with the Russian agency “Sputnik”.

Al-Mismari said that “the issue of banning the export of arms is being dealt with through the Libyan parliament,” adding: “Parliament always calls on the international community to listen to the truth of things in Libya, and judge through the results they reach.”

He added: “But in reality, the international community continues to strictly enforce the arms embargo against the Libyan army, pursues in all our air bases, and continues in all Libyan airspace, as well as continue to arm the Libyan Arab forces.”

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