Daily Mail: The world will exceed the global warming limit for the Paris Agreement within 5 years


Scientists said, there is an increased chance that the world will exceed the global warming limit of 1.5 ° C or about (2.7 ° F) defined by the Paris Agreement in the next five years, as the warning comes from the British Meteorological Office, which has conducted a five-year climate assessment Years on behalf of the World Meteorological Organization.

According to the British Daily Mail, in 2015 world leaders agreed to keep this century warming below 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels in order to avoid the worst effects of climate change.

Despite this, experts found, there is a chance of every five that global warming will exceed this limit for at least one year before 2024.

“This study, with a high level of scientific skill, shows the enormous challenge ahead in achieving the goal of the Paris Convention on climate change,” said Pettierry Talas, Secretary-General of the World Meteorological Organization.

The research revealed that the average annual global average temperature is likely to be at least 1 ° C (1.8 ° F) for pre-industrial levels this year and each of the following four years.

Experts said that the past five years were the hottest of its kind ever, as models indicated that almost all regions of the world will experience warmer conditions than before, with a change of approximately 70% so that at least one month in the next five years is 1.5 ° C Or warmer than pre-industrial levels.

The Arctic has warmed more than twice the global average, while sea level pressure anomalies in the North Atlantic will see more storms hit western Europe.

Adam Skayev, a climate scientist at the Bureau of Meteorology, said that with an increase in human-induced climate change, it has become more important for governments and decision-makers to understand current climate risks on an updated annual basis.

Researchers’ models consider both natural climate fluctuations, as well as human-driven impacts, and provide forecasts of temperature, precipitation, and wind patterns for the next half-decade.


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