Developing the fastest artificial intelligence giant computer with 70 million dollars


According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the machine will be used to apply artificial intelligence across several regions, including calculations related to sea level rise, data security, personal medicine, urban transportation and food insecurity.

The $ 70 million project consists of a $ 25 million grant from the company that includes hardware and software in addition to training, and besides that $ 45 million from the university and its alumni, who co-founded Nvidia.

As part of the deal, the university will also be boosting its existing supercomputer, HiPerGator, with Nvidia chips and running it by early 2021.

Nvidia has long been known as a supplier of graphics chips for personal computers to make video games look more realistic, but researchers are now also using their chips inside data centers to accelerate the work of artificial intelligence computing such as training computers to recognize images.

Recent developments from the company include the AI ​​system, which was able to recreate the Pacman game only by watching.

Also, artificial intelligence is able to absorb visual inputs, as well as any actions the player enters into the game, then it can reproduce the code that translates into a playable game.

Nvidia showed how the AI ​​had rebuilt a playable version of Pacman after only four days of watching the players play it.

The company has also demonstrated profound deepening technology in the past that uses artificial intelligence to extrapolate images into animals.


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