Discover a device that destroys corona in seconds


01:20 am

Saturday 11 July 2020

The University of Houston, in the state of Texas, USA, said a team of researchers had developed a device that would instantly kill the emerging corona virus.

According to a paper published in the scientific journal “Materiel Today Physics”, the team designed an air purifier “that hunts and kills the virus” and showed good results in tests conducted at the Galveston National Laboratory, killing 99.8 percent of the virus, according to the University of Houston, according to the newspaper “Al-Bayan” Emirati “.

The detection of the device comes after new evidence that the virus can remain in the air for about three hours.

Given that the virus cannot survive at a temperature of 158 degrees Fahrenheit, the researchers added a hot purifier with a temperature of about 392 degrees, killing the virus immediately.

A prototype was built by a local workshop and first tested in a laboratory called “Rain” to test the relationship between current and temperature. Before it is sent to the Galveston Laboratory to test its ability to kill the virus.
According to Rennes’ laboratory, the device meets the requirements of traditional HVAC systems.

The softener can be useful in airports and airplanes, as well as in office buildings, schools and cruise ships to stop the spread of corona.

The World Health Organization has recognized that the transmission of the virus through the air, or small drops dispersed, may be responsible for “the outbreak of the Corona virus emerging among people, especially in some enclosed places, such as restaurants, nightclubs, places of worship, or workplaces that require speaking loudly. ».

The WHO acknowledgment came after it was sent a letter signed by more than 200 health experts around the world, asking them to amend its reports on the ways of transmission of the emerging coronavirus.
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