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Dr. Irina Yartseva, an allergy and immunology specialist, announced that it is best not to drink coffee in hot weather, to avoid undesirable consequences.

The doctor points out that drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is a common practice that many follow. But eating a large amount of coffee drink can cause dry body, and this poses a health risk, especially in hot weather.

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Dangerous drinks during the hot weather

And she adds, so it’s better in hot weather to reduce your coffee intake, to avoid damaging the body. And emphasizes that there is no difference in drinking coffee cold or hot.

And she says, “There is no difference in consuming cold or hot coffee, because the active substance is the same – caffeine. This substance affects in any case the general sensation. Therefore I recommend eating no more than three cups of coffee drink per day. Because this amount A person can replace it with liquids without causing any harm to their health. ”

For his part, Dr. Alexander Mayasnikov says coffee is a good drink and should be consumed regularly every day because it prevents the development of hepatitis to cirrhosis, which in turn develops into liver cancer.

“Therefore, it is necessary for everyone who suffers from hepatitis to drink 3-5 cups of coffee a day,” he says. And coffee does not cause high blood pressure in people who take it regularly.

Source: Novosti


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