Editing of the film “Al-Hagam” was finalized, to be presented in cinemas


Puts the director Mark just Final touches on the editing of his movie Al-Hijam, starring Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, after finishing filming the entire film, as a prelude to showing it in cinemas as soon as possible.

Ahmed Abdullah said, in previous statements to “The Seventh Day”, that he is betting on this work that he presents in a completely different way from his previous works, and that he offers a role that is a surprise to his fans.

Mahmoud added that he is very happy to participate in the film, and as for the role it offers, it is completely new to it, in addition to the story that the work discusses from the reality of society.

The film revolves around a murder that puts Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud and Omar El-Shenawy in the face of each other, and the actress Aida Riyad participates as a guest of honor in the events of the movie “Al-Hajam”, in addition to the artist Mohsen Muhyiddin.

The movie “Al-Hijam”, directed by Morcos Adel, belongs to the work of the youth championship, and the heroine is Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud, Wael Abdel Aziz, Mahmoud Fares, Omar Al-Shennawi, Mohsen Mansour, and a number of other young artists.


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