Egypt is being hit hard in conjunction with interference in the Libyan war


Reuters said that shares fell in Egypt today, Sunday, amid escalating fears of Egyptian interference in the Libyan war.The leading stocks index in Egypt fell 1.5 percent, extending its losses for the fifth consecutive session.

Shares of Commercial International Bank, the largest listed Egyptian bank, fell 2.3 percent, and Eastern Smoke lost 1.7 percent.

Earlier today, Egyptian Parliament member Mustafa Bakry reported that the parliament session that was scheduled today to consider authorizing the army’s intervention in Libya was postponed until Monday.

Bakri said in two tweets on “Twitter”: “The postponement of the mandate of the President of the Republic in the decision to intervene to protect Egyptian national security in the face of the Turkish invasion of Libyan territory and the transgression of the Sirte – Jafra line, to tomorrow, and demands that the session be confidential.”

Sisi had announced, during his reception last Thursday, a delegation of sheikhs and notables of the Libyan tribal leaders about his intention to request the approval of Parliament to send troops to this country, stressing that the possible campaign will carry a defensive nature exclusively.

Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi has stressed that his country will not stand idle in the face of any direct threat to Egyptian and Libyan security.

Libya is witnessing an escalation of the internal conflict that has continued since 2011 amid increasing tension between the external parties involved in the Libyan crisis, where Sisi, who is considered a supporter of the leader of the “Libyan National Army” Khalifa Haftar, announced the possibility of Egypt’s military intervention in Libya amid the strengthening of the Turkish supportive presence To the Government of National Accord, which in turn is preparing to launch an attack to regain control of the city of Sirte.


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