EgyptAir: Use of tickets booked during the closing period at any time


Pilot Roshdy Zakaria, head of the holding company of EgyptAir, said that all precautionary measures have been taken according to the International Aviation Organization to maintain travelers from entering the travel hall to their destination.

“Zakaria” added during a telephone interview with the program “this morning” broadcast on the “Extra News” satellite channel, that the passenger’s temperature is measured, which his temperature is higher than 38 is prevented from traveling and taking safe procedures with him and guiding him to conduct the necessary analyzes of the Corona virus, in addition to To maintain safe distances, and to place guide labels on the ground to maintain those distances.He explained that sterile materials are available throughout the airport, sterilizing the aircraft before each flight and wearing masks and a protective mask by all workers, in addition to providing the aircraft with air purification filters that kill 99% of viruses and microbes, and a protective kits were prepared that are distributed to All passengers are on the plane.

The President of EgyptAir indicated that the bag would be distributed to all passengers of various classes, whether business or economy, noting that all meals on the plane will be wrapped in a safe manner and prevent the provision of any hot drinks, publications and magazines in the plane.

He stressed that the plane will be complete and there will be no spacing inside the plane, explaining that all passengers will be committed to wearing the muzzle, which will maintain the safety of passengers.

He pointed out that it is possible to use the tickets booked during the closing period at any time, stressing the need for all passengers to take precautionary measures to maintain their safety.

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