Emergency at the University of Alexandria before the end of exams at the end of the year at 5 colleges today


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Dr. Essam Al-Kurdi, President of Alexandria University, announced the start of the second semester exams for final-year students, on Wednesday, July 1 with only 5 colleges, out of 23 colleges and institutes, amid tight preventive measures to preserve the health of students.

He explained that the university has completed all the arrangements and taken the necessary precautions during the exams period, and emphasis on observing the standards that achieve safety for all, including the application of social divergence in the committees and reducing the number of students examined in each committee for less than half, and the development of various sterilization methods in the committees, as well as Allocating a physician in each committee headquarters, in addition to sterilization and periodic purification of the various committees before and after exams, and other procedures that guarantee the safety and health of students, workers, and faculty members.

He said that the colleges opened the door for acceptance of students ’apologies for the exams and postponed them to the second round of September for those who wish to postpone, provided that they are counted as a first role while the student maintains his full marks.

Dr. Hisham Jaber, Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, indicated that the colleges that begin tomorrow are the Faculties of Pharmacy, Nursing, Fine Arts, Science, Education and Early Childhood, while the Faculties of Tourism, Hotels, Veterinary Medicine and Physical Education for Boys start on Thursday, July 2, and the Faculties of Dentistry and Physical Education for Girls Begins on July 5, agriculture begins on July 8, the College of Engineering on July 9, the College of Economic Studies and Political Science on July 12, education on July 14, arts on July 15, trade on July 16 and exams end in all colleges From 12 July to 16 August.

He explained that 4 buildings have been opened in the university cities in Smouha, El-Shatby and Saba Pasha for expatriate students to accommodate about 700 students, they are the total number of expatriate students in the final years, and they will be accommodated in individual rooms.

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