Fakhry: The escalation of Al-Ahly’s first team is a step towards my dream


Mohamed Fakhry, the star of Al-Ahly youth team, expressed his happiness to escalate to the first team and to participate in the training in preparation for the resumption of the Premier League championship.

Fakhri said to the official website of Al-Ahly Club that the escalation of the first team is a step towards his dream, which is essential participation for the first team that he achieved means a qualitative shift in his football career.

Swiss Rene Filer chose the trio of the youth team, Mohamed Fakhry playmaker, Shadi Radwan right wing and Mohamed Shoukry left back to support the first team.

Fakhri revealed, “I owe my credit to Sami T-shirts, the coach of the first team. He knows my abilities since I was in Mahalla, and he talks to me permanently during training.”

“The presence of a large group of junior sector in the first team gave me an additional incentive and my encouragement to stick to the opportunity to participate,” he added.

The first team of Al-Ahly includes a group of graduates of the junior sector, headed by goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shinnawy, captain of the team in the new season, Rami Rabia, Ayman Ashraf, Ramadan Sobhi, Mohamed Hani and Mahmoud Abdel-Moneim “Electrify”, in addition to the Arab duo of Badr, defender midfielder and goalkeeper Mustafa Schubert.

He concluded, “I thank Amr Anwar, the technical director of the club’s 99 team, who was keen to follow up the implementation of a training program during the suspension period.”

Al-Ahly contracted Mohamed Fakhry, born 99, who plays for the youth team in January 2018 for 4 and a half seasons coming from the first team club to spin Mahala for one million and 800 thousand pounds.


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