Features and drawbacks of the new “Windows” update


Features and drawbacks in an update

Microsoft recently announced the release of a new update for “Windows” systems intended for computers, but some users have criticized the said update.

Microsoft indicated that the new update can benefit from owners of “Windows” versions systems (1803, 1809, 1903 and 1909), as well as owners of some copies of “old” Windows that were launched in 2004.

According to the company, the update brought with it some important adjustments related to software vulnerabilities in “Windows” systems, and more importantly, it provides a new version of the Edge browser for computer owners.

And with the download of this update, the taskbar will change slightly in computers, and the old icons for Edge will disappear in it and new icons will appear for the newest browser, and shortcuts will be added on the desktop in computers dedicated to the new version of the browser, and at the first operation of the computer with the new update will automatically open a dedicated page Test the new version of Microsoft Edge.

Despite the new features that the new update brought to the computers, some users complained about the slow process of taking off their computers after they downloaded it, so some experts who had these problems advised to remove the update via the settings menu in their devices.

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Microsoft indicates that the latest update may appear for some users automatically to download it to computers, and if it does not appear, those wishing to download it can go to Her support page, And select one of the download options according to the version currently running on their device.

Source: support.microsoft.


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