FilGoal | News | 8 teams fight for 4 golds … the remaining matches in England for the European dream


Liverpool crowned the English Premier League and Manchester City by a large number of places from the beginning of the third to tenth starts the conflict.

A struggle to qualify for the Champions League and European League next season.

Let’s divide this into two parts.

The first part .. the Champions League

The arrangement table after 34 rounds is as follows:

3- Chelsea 60 points

4- Leicester 59 points

5- Manchester United 58 points

By a large percentage, this is the closest trio to compete for the third and fourth places, in the context of Wolverhampton, who finished the sixth place, from United with six full points.

There are left for Chelsea, Sheffield United, Norwich City, Liverpool and Wolverhampton.

Bournemouth, Sheffield United, Tottenham and Manchester United are left for Leicester.

As for United, it remains for Southampton, Crystal Palace, West Ham and Leicester City.

It should be noted that if Manchester City is punished by European play for two years for violating the rules of fair financial play, the fifth-ranked player will qualify for the Champions League officially.

The second part .. European League

The table of arrangement is as follows:

6- Wolverhampton 52 points

7- Sheffield United 51 points

8- Arsenal 50 points

9 – Tottenham 49 points

10- Burnley 49 points

The struggle is most intense here as well, since the difference between the tenth and fifth places is only three points.

With four rounds left, 12 points remain at the end of the league.

The fifth-placed European team qualifies, while the sixth-place player qualifies for the group stage qualifiers.

Wolverhampton remains Everton, Burnley, Crystal Palace and Chelsea.

As for Sheffield, he has Chelsea, Leicester City, Everton and Southampton.

While Arsenal will play the derby against Tottenham then he will have to meet Liverpool, then Aston Villa and finally Watford.

Tottenham will meet Arsenal, Newcastle, Leicester City and Crystal Palace.

Finally, Burnley will face Liverpool, Wolverhampton, Norwich City and Brighton.

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