FilGoal | News | A major step from Moise towards survival .. West Ham preys on Watford in a fiery escape struggle


West Ham’s England team defeated its guest Watford in a 6-point meeting, making a major step towards staying in the Premier League for next season.

West Ham beat Watford 3-0 in the end of the 36th Premier League round.

The David Moyes Battalion has not left room for Watford to shake the last 3 times in 30 minutes.

The beginning was from the brilliant Michael Antonio who penetrated into the Watford penalty area before hitting a shot in the net in the sixth minute.

Antonios goal is his seventh since the resumption of the English Premier League, more than any other player. 7 goals in 7 games.

In the tenth minute, from a strong header, Thomas Susik, Watford’s net was shaken again.

West Ham took advantage of Watford’s very poor condition at the beginning of the match, to score the third goal of an unobstructed and unattended missile strike from Declan Reyes in the 36th minute.

A fiery triple in the first half for West Ham.

Watford scored early with the start of the second half by Troy Denny after following up on a return ball from the post, but the early goal did not change the reality of Watford’s loss.

The Watford and West Ham meeting was a match with 6 points because of the equal number of points each, and West Ham’s victory made the latter very close to staying.

West Ham jumped to 15th place with 37 points equal to Brighton, while Watford’s balance frozen at 34th point in 17th place.

The 17th place guarantees staying in the league, but things will not be easy for Watford amid pressure from the Aston Villa and Bournemouth duo (31 points).

Norwich City officially landed, and it remains to be seen who will finish the league in the 19th and 18th to drop to the Premier League in England, with two rounds remaining to the end.

It remains forWatford face Manchester City then ArsenalWhile left toAston Villa confront me Arsenal then West Ham, And left toBournemouth, Southampton and Everton.

Who remains and who lands? Let’s wait and see

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