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Al-Ahly coach Rennie Fyler made sure to correct the players’ mistakes during the team’s Sunday practice.

The Swiss coach focused on the planning side during the second session leading him after returning from the vacation period.

Fyler was keen to implement some aspects of the plans and technical sentences in the practice in order to implement them in the matches after the return of the Egyptian League and the African Champions League.

Feiler has spoken more than once with players to correct their mistakes during practice and called on them to strictly implement his instructions.

Feiler and his aides in the technical staff met on the sidelines of the session to discuss the team’s program in the coming period before football resumed.

Feiler also dedicated a cross section training for coaches, supervised by General Coach David Seza.

Feiler made a soccer coupon with the participation of all players and two goalkeepers, and Feiler suspended it more than once to correct the players’ mistakes.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly goalkeepers performed strong training under the leadership of Michael Yankon, the goalkeeper coach.

The practice of the guards included cross training and protective aiming.

Khaled Mahmoud, Al-Ahly’s physician, was assured of the team’s defender Saad Samir’s condition after the player performed a physical therapy session in the gymnasium.

He was keen on following up the qualification program for Saad Samir and the way of implementing it.

Al-Ahly will play friendly against Smouha on July 23 at Mokhtar Al-Touch Stadium.

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