FilGoal | News | Barakat: It is not a requirement that we join any player that we follow .. This is what we want before the last stage of the World Cup qualifiers


Mohamed Barakat, the Egyptian national team manager, said that it is not a condition that a player join the ranks of the team because of the follow-up of the technical staff.

Barakat spoke on “Echo Al Balad” channel today, Wednesday, saying: “Haitham Hassan we follow him, as well as Omar Marmoush, but I want to say in general far from these two names that it is not a condition that we join a player because we follow him.”

“We are following the player because this is our duty, and we must give everyone his right,” he said.

Haitham Hassan has the right to represent the national team of Egypt or Tunisia because of his father’s Egyptian nationality and his mother, the Tunisian nationality.

On the qualifiers for the African Nations Cup and World Cup qualifiers, Barakat said: “We want to climb as the first group because this is the position of the Egyptian team.”

“In general, we want to win all our games and win even in the valleys, so when we qualify for the last stage of the World Cup qualifiers, we will have a fine from our rankings.”

“We are now in seventh place, and if we ascend the first group, we will face a team of the first five, but we want to improve the classification, and we do not want to lose in any meeting, whatever its value,” Barakat said.

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