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Bruno Fernandez continues to sprinkle his magic over Manchester United and is joined today by Mason Greenwood.

Manchester United ends 38-year-old knot and overcomes Brighton at Amex 3-0 in round 32 of the Premier League.

Mason Greenwood scored the goals of the game in the 17th minute, and Bruno added the second and third goals in the 30th and 50th minutes.

The win raised United’s score to 52 points, finishing fifth, with a goal difference from his Wolverhampton wounds.

United are away from Chelsea, fourth, by two points, and the latter have a lesser meeting.

As for Brighton, it freezes its score at 33 points, occupying the 15th place.

Manchester United remained in trouble at Brighton whenever he visited, as they had not beaten it since 1982.

Since then, Brighton has landed and met in two cup competitions, but United have never won.

Today United finished that knot with a pleasant performance.

Beautiful trilogy

The match started with offensive pressure from United and a strong defense conglomerate from Brighton.

There were no serious chances until the 12th minute when Bruno Fernandez fired a powerful shot that hit the left side of the Brighton goalie.

Five minutes later, Greenwood penetrated into the penalty area and hit a creeping ball in his left that netted the net to announce United’s first goals.

In the 30th minute, Pogba passed the ball to Bruno, who hit his right and shifted towards it after it hit the feet of the Brighton defender to take the net and kill United in the second goal.

From a quick counterattack in the 50th minute we started Nemanja Matic and Greenwood sent a brilliant cross from the left, Bruno Fernandez met with a right-footed shot of the bird to post the net and announced the third goal of the Red Devils.

In the second half, the match saw de Gea tackle two powerful shots from Brighton players, depriving the homeowners of two goals.

Manchester United made five switches thereafter, engaging Andreas Pereira, Scott Maktumenay, Brandon Williams, Addion Igalo and Daniel James instead of Bruno, Pogba, Luke Show, Marcial and Rashford.

United fell for the remainder of the match, and Brighton had no surprise so United triumphed 3-0.

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