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Rangers coach and former Liverpool star Stephen Gerrard sees the most important players in the last two are Alison Baker and Virgil Van Dyck.

“The two most important pieces in the panorama by looking closely at Liverpool are the goalkeeper and Van Dyck, for many reasons,” Gerrard said, when asked about the most prominent players in the team that regained the English Premier League title after an absence of 30 years.

In his interview with BBC, he continued, “I think Liverpool were a good and wonderful team before the arrival of Van Dyck and the goalkeeper, but they moved the team to a world level and the panorama was completed by them, amazing players.”

Veteran Dutch defender Van Dyck joined Liverpool in January 2018 and after months fought with the team the Champions League final but lost to Real Madrid.

Then, in the summer of 2018, the English team hired Brazilian goalkeeper Alison to become the principal in the Juergen Club coach’s battalion, and Baker won the Best Goalkeeper award in the world for the year 2019, in which he crowned the European Champions League, European Super Cup and Club World Cup.

Liverpool won the English league to regain a title they lost 30 years ago.

Liverpool host Chelsea on Wednesday in the penultimate round of the league and after the confrontation, Mohamed Salah comrades receive the League Cup and gold medals.

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