FilGoal | News | Guardiola comments on clearing City, stressing: If he had fallen to the second degree, I would have continued


Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola spoke at length to cancel the decision to stop his team from European posts next season.

The Sports Court of Arbitration (Cass) issued its ruling to stop the decision to ban Manchester City from participating in European championships for two years due to charges of fair financial play.

Guardiola said in statements highlighted by his club’s website: “I am very happy with the decision of the sports court because it showed that what people said about the club is incorrect and gave us an opportunity to defend on the field of what we won on the field.”

“As I have said many times, we accepted the decision of the sports court and UEFA because we made a mistake, we can defend ourselves and we have the right to do so when we think that what we did was correct.”

“We have stepped forward in the last 10 years, we invested a lot of money like a lot of clubs, we did it the right way, we were not stopped because we followed the rules of fair financial play and if we did not, we would be subject to a ban already.”

“We can participate in the Champions League next season because what we did was correct,” he said.

“My personal position was clear. I said a month ago that I would continue regardless of our participation in the Champions League. Some people in England suggested we play in the second division, I would have continued, too,” Pip said.

The Sports Court dealt fairly with Manchester City in its dispute with UEFA over its ban on playing in European competitions, and reduced its fine to become only 10 million euros.

The European Football Association announced its full awareness of the ruling of the Sports Court with fairness to Manchester City and the lifting of the penalties imposed on him, stressing that he would not comment more than that in this regard.

UEFA’s statement reads as follows: “UEFA fully understands the Sports Court’s decision to reduce the penalty imposed on Manchester City for breaching the rules of licensing European Union clubs as well as the rules for fair financial play.”

“UEFA knew that the sports court did not find enough evidence to apply all the penalties in this case, especially since many of them were within a five-year time period stipulated in the rules and laws.”

“The rules of fair financial play have played an important role in recent years in protecting clubs and helping them to become financially stronger, and the European Football Association and European Clubs will remain committed to it.”

“UEFA will not comment further on this,” he concluded.

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