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Amr Al-Safty, the former defender of Zamalek and the Egyptian, spoke about Al-Ahly’s confrontations and the suffering of Zamalek players in the last decade. He also chose the best player, the best defender and the most difficult player he faced.

And all of the following came in the words of Al-Safty on OnTime Sports 2:

Top confrontations

“I played 11 top games against Al-Ahly and I made only 3 mistakes, my mistakes were normal, and I played against Flavio, Miteb and Bilal.”

“My three mistakes were in Flavios 1-0 goal, a tired goal in the Egypt Cup final 4-3 and a tiring goal 3-3.”

“My relationship with the Zamalek fans deteriorated after Imad Meteb’s goal in a 3-3 match.”

After Hossam Hassan’s departure from Zamalek training, I made an intervention with Hassan Shehata and informed him of my desire to leave Zamalek because of the end of my relationship with the masses, and I gave up my dues.

“If time returned to me, I would have made the same decision.”

“If our generation were present, we would have won all the championships, because the current Al-Ahly team is normal, unlike the previous generation, which was the best in the club’s history.”

The financial crisis

“The loss of the league in 2011 was due to financial crises, we played friendly matches in most Arab countries to raise money for the club and we players got nothing.”

“We played a match against Al-Ismaili and then we traveled midweek to Saudi Arabia to play a retirement match against Saudi Al-Wahda in order for the club to reap 30 thousand dollars, so we lost the El-Gouna match after that, because the players did not get a rest.”

“I do not know what Mortada Mansour did at the club now, which makes him at this level.”

“All the times of Zamalek were difficult, we were in semi-Zamalek at the time, and this is not present today.”

“The current team players are lucky under the current administration.”

“My move to Zamalek went through 3 stages, negotiations with Murtada Mansour, and signed with Raouf Jasser, and I got my money from Mamdouh Abbas.”

Competitors and the best

“Imad Miteb, and I am an Egyptian defender, was forbidden to register and record in Al-Masry after my departure from Zamalek.”

“Shikabala is the best player I have ever seen, and after him Ibrahim El-Masry, the player of the Port Said team, was a player beyond imagination.”

Wael Jumaa is the best defender, and Ibrahim Youssef is also.

“Abdel Halim Ali is the easiest striker I faced because I kept his moves, and Mr. Abdel Naeem was the most difficult striker I faced.”

“Hosam Hassan and Anwar Salama are better than the ones I trained under.”

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