FilGoal | News | Sari: I haven’t talked with Pjanic for days … and I would have replaced Dybala and then I chose Ronaldo


Mauricio Sari praised Cristiano Ronaldo Paulo Dybalas double after defeating Genoa 3-0, and revealed that he had not spoken with Miralem Pjanic for a while.

Juventus keep 4 points difference with Lazio after 29 rounds of Italian League pass.

Sarri said on the Italian Sky Sports network: “The team has recovered well after disappointing in the Italian Cup.”

On Ronaldos and Dybalas double, he continued, “Something has changed in terms of movement, but they have learned to look for each other often. They realized that by taking advantage of the duality, they both get a good result. It is something I noticed in the exercises as well.”

His relationship with Bosnian Miralim Pjanic, who has not yet moved to Barcelona next season, revealed: “I haven’t spoken to him for days, I did it after suspending activity and the ball stopped because it went through 20 to 25 difficult days.”

“We asked ourselves about the reason and we tried to find solutions, and the matter was the result of a decrease in the state of mind. I am sure he is performing well during that period. I find him happy and calm and I have no concerns.”

He talked about the French brilliance of Adrien Rabeau, “Rabios performance was positive, he is making progress. Everyone expects a lot from him and this is not easy, he did not play for seven months with Paris Saint-Germain, he moved to a different country and changed his playing style. Then he faced a physical problem, but he develop”.

“In the first half he paid five times, which means he was doing more than necessary. Cristiano often plays to find spaces to pay off, but when he decides to move the ball quickly, he is the best at all,” he added.

And he completed the Portuguese exit as a substitute, “Frankly, I would have replaced Dybala, then I chose Ronaldo, who played many minutes. We discussed that over the past days, and he knew he would come out at 3-0 and he did it quietly.”

Juventus in the next round will play a game against its traditional rivals Torino in the Dela Molly derby.

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