FilGoal | News | Taher Mohamed Taher: Ramadan is an integrated player … The English Premier League changed his personality


Taher Mohamed Taher, the Arab Contractors player, believes that Ramadan Sobhi Najm Al-Ahly has become an integrated player in the recent period.

“Ramadan Subhi is a true leader on the field and an integrated player,” Taher said on Al-Nahar.

“His professionalism in the English Premier League has greatly increased his level on the field.”

He continued, “Ramadan is my colleague since we played together in the youth and youth teams, but his personality differed a lot and became more mature after his professionalism in the English Premier League.”

Turning to talk about the Olympic team, saying: “My ambition at the present time is to participate in the upcoming Olympic Games in Tokyo.”

“The current generation is capable of making the achievement and success of the Olympics,” he concluded.

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