FilGoal | News | Tamer Al-Nahhas told Joule: Fyler asked Marwan to continue … What Saad Samir had done surprised Al-Ahly officials


Tamer El-Nahhas, agent of Marawan Mohsen, the Al-Ahly striker, revealed the desire of the coach of the red team, Rene Vyler, to continue the player.

Al-Nahhas told “I got a call from the director of football, Syed Abdul Hafeez, and he told me within 48 hours, I will meet with him and Amir Tawfiq, the manager of contracts, to complete the renewal of Marwan’s contract.”

“We were supposed to meet last May, but the emergency conditions caused by the outbreak of the Coronavirus prevented that,” he added.

He continued, “During the recent period, we agreed on everything and there is no problem in renewing the contract and Abdul Hafeez informed me that Fyler in his technical report requested the continuation of Marwan Mohsen and that it is one of the most important elements of the team.”

Regarding the renewal of Saad Samir’s contract with Al-Ahly for three years, Al-Nahhas said: “I want to reveal a surprise. Saad called me a while ago because of my strong relationship with his father and he informed me that Al-Ahly removed his name from the list, and has that step become a free player or not?”

He continued, “I replied that he had become free, and I found him telling me that I will meet Abdel Hafeez and Amir Tawfiq and I want you to be with us.”

The players’ agent continued his speech, “During the meeting, Abdul Hafeez and Amir Tawfiq felt worried about my presence and believed that there were many demands from Saad.”

“However, the duo were surprised that Saad took out the new contract and signed him in white and told them to do what the club wants either to renew the contract in the old period or to increase the period, and Abdul Hafeez and Amir Tawfiq were amazed at what happened.”

Tamer Al-Nahhas concluded his speech, “Al-Ahly announced today the official renewal, but that event took place some time ago, and Saad signed a blank order without asking anything.”

Saad Samir has been absent from Al-Ahly for a while because of an Achilles cut.

Saad Samir was injured on September 28 in front of Platinum by a cut in the Achilles tendon, which means that he is 8 months away and his season is over..

During the same period, Al-Ahly contracted Mahmoud Abdel Moneim, “Kahraba”, for the new team player, from Portugal’s Avish.

وكشف Earlier, the manager of the ball, Syed Abdul Hafeez, spoke to the player He asked his permission to remove his name from the list.

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