FilGoal | News | Tariq Qandil: I avoid commenting on many events in deference to Al-Ahly’s Board of Directors decision


Tariq Qandil, a member of Al-Ahly’s Board of Directors, stressed his respect for the Board’s decision not to talk about club affairs via social media.

Tariq Qandil wrote on his official page on the social networking site “Facebook”: “Out of respect and in compliance with the decision of the Board of Directors not to talk about club affairs through social media, it made me avoid commenting on many of the club’s events.”

“Always and forever the great club is big with its symbols and history, and we don’t need confirmation we are always in one row in favor of the great edifice Al-Ahly Club.”

“My contacts and relations are with the club’s symbols and stature, and we always deal with the methods that are appropriate for the club and its value.”

He concluded, “My respect, appreciation, and pride in the value and stature of Captain Mahmoud Al-Khatib, which cannot be divided by two. Al-Ahly has lived with a strong solid foundation in its principles and symbols.”

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