FilGoal | News | The return of the original submarines .. Kadesh, the first ascender to the Spanish Super League


Cadiz rose to the Spanish Premier League, benefiting from Real Zaragozas defeat by Real Oviedo by four goals to two in Round 40 of the Second Division League.

To make Cadiz (69 points) the leader in the competition, 7 points more than Zaragoza III (62 points), just two rounds before the end.

The Andalusian team returns to the first division league after missing since landing the 2005/2006 season.

That season is the only one for Cadiz in the Liga in the last 27 years, and he has even been in the third division league between 2010 and 2016.

Kadesh acquired the nickname “Yellow Submarines” years ago, as Villarreal was known for his frequent survivors of miraculous landings during the 1980s.

Alvaro Cerbera, 54, has been overseeing the training of Cadiz since 2016, and contributed to his rise to the second division, before leading him to the first division within 4 years.

Cadiz includes Jose Manuel Jurado of Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Schalke and former Espanyol, and Alex Fernandez is a former Real Madrid player and younger brother of Nacho Fernandez.

And climb to the Spanish Premier League first and second-placed first-hand, while teams from the third to the sixth to join the boarding system semi-final and final round-trip.

Wesca is currently second in the competition with 64 points, the center of Zaragoza being unable to capture him by his sudden and resounding fall in front of 14th-ranked Oviedo.

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