FilGoal | News | Zamalek sets the date for the third medical survey


Zamalek players during the first medical swab to detect infection with the Corona virus

Zamalek has set the date for the third medical survey to detect infection with the Corona virus, which will be subject to the football team.

Tomorrow, the Zamalek football team will hold the third medical swab to check on the players and the technical, medical and administrative staff during the team’s camp in Burj Al Arab.

Zamalek had conducted the first and second medical swabs in Cairo before the launch of its Mughal camp.

Ahmed Zahir, the team’s administrative director, was keen to prepare a special place for the players to undergo a medical examination and to ensure that enough smears are provided for all members of the Zamalek camp.

Zamalek announced that its guard, Mohamed Awad, had recovered from the Corona virus after the second and third medical swab results were negative.

Zamalek began its closed camp in Borg El-Arab last Thursday, in preparation for the resumption of football activity.

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