Final sentence of 15 years imprisonment for the activist Ahmed Doma for his conviction in the “events of the cabinet”


Mohamed Faraj

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Saturday 4 July 2020 – 12:45 PM
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Saturday 4 July 2020 – 12:45 PM

The ruling includes obliging the accused to pay 6 million pounds in damages

The “Saturday A” circuit of the Court of Cassation, headed by Counselor Wajih Adib Abd al-Malik, today supported the felony verdict issued to punish political activist Ahmed Doma with a 15-year prison sentence and obliged him to pay 6 million pounds worth of damages; He was convicted of the events of the Council of Ministers, whose events date back to December 2011.

She refused the cassation, the accused appealed, so that the verdict of his conviction becomes final and final, and it is not permissible to appeal it in any way.

The 11th Department of Terrorism at the Criminal Court of South Cairo held in the Police Trustees Institute in Tora, headed by Counselor Mohamed Sherine Fahmy, ruled on January 9th, to punish Douma with a 15-year prison sentence and compel him to pay 6 million pounds in damages, and confiscate the seizures, in his retrial of the case.

The case went through a number of stages, beginning in February 2015 when the Cairo Criminal Court sentenced to life imprisonment in the presence of Douma and in absentia of 229 others in the case and obliged them to pay 17 million pounds for the damages that occurred in public facilities, and punish 39 juveniles with 10 years imprisonment.

The cassation ruled in October 2017, accepting the appeal submitted by Duma to the sentence of life imprisonment, and decided to retry him again before the 11th Chamber of the Cairo Criminal Court held at the Police Trustees Institute headed by Counselor Mohamed Sherine Fahmy.

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