Final sentence of Tariq Al-Nahri and 15 years in prison for the events of the Council of Ministers


Today, Saturday, the Court of Cassation sentenced Tariq al-Nahri and others to 15 years in prison for their conviction of the case of the events of the burning of the Academy.

The Criminal Court issued its verdict in February 2019, condemning the artist, Tariq Al-Nahri, and 3 others for re-trying them with “events of the cabinet” and burning the scientific complex. The court had punished Tariq Al-Nahri, in absentia, with life imprisonment for his accusation of involvement in burning the scientific complex and gathering, and of demonstrating and possessing firearms.

A fire broke out at the science park during December 2011, and Al-Nahri was arrested in April 2012, for being involved in the case.

The prosecution released Tariq al-Nahri days later. The Cairo Criminal Court, headed by Chancellor Mohamed Nagy Shehata, also issued in absentia prison sentences against Al-Nahri and others.


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