For fear of exposing it, the Houthi militia is clearing Musharraf of its mines in Hodeidah


Source: Arabic. Net – Osan Salem

Among the intra-party conflicts and internal disputes, among militias, I presented Houthi militia The revolution, against the liquidation of the superintendent of mine cultivation in Al Hudaydah Governorate, western Yemen.

The military media revealed to the joint forces that, on Thursday, the Houthi militia liquidated the Houthi leader, Muhammad Suleiman Hamran, the supervisor of planting mines and improvised explosive devices in the West Coast, following a dispute that broke out between them, causing the Houthi elements to ambush the leader who claimed his life.

The information confirmed that his liquidation, the Leader Muhammad Suleiman, aims to obliterate the landmarks and maps of mines that he had planted in the West Coast, as it came for fear of disclosing maps of mines and explosive devices that he supervised their cultivation in the areas of the West Coast, after escalating differences between him and other field leaders, and on the other hand To continue to create pretexts for avoiding the obligations of the Stockholm Agreement, which includes the dismantling of mines in Hodeidah regions.

Cut off the roads after the leader was killed

According to the sources, the killing of Hamran has raised a new tension, which is likely to develop, among the Houthi militia members in the coast and led to the cutting of some roads.

Elements of the Houthi militia
Elements of the Houthi militia

Meanwhile, tensions have dominated the militia community on the West Coast, due to successive losses in lives and equipment, amid growing mutual suspicions about breakthroughs in their ranks.

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