For the first time … a member of the Renaissance Dam Technical Committee reveals the true reason for


09:48 am

Friday 17 July 2020

Books- Ahmed Masaad:

Dr. Alaa Al-Zawahiri, a member of the Technical Committee of the Renaissance Dam file, said that the main reason for the failure to sign a comprehensive agreement on the Renaissance Dam is not technical but has a political aspect.

Al-Zawahiri added, in an interview to Masrawy, to be published later, that Ethiopia wasted the opportunity of Washington and the Sudanese initiative, and finally the mediation of the African Union faltered.

The committee member explained his speech that the political aspect is the main reason for the failure of all previous rounds, saying: “Despite Egypt’s declaration of flexibility, negotiation of the principle of good intentions, and the presentation of solutions, sometimes we saw great rapprochement and consensus, then we wake up to an unjustified withdrawal, and we do not find A technical explanation for the withdrawal, as happened in the Washington negotiations. “

He stressed that the Washington negotiations were going well and orderly, and the figures and statistics on water drainage are fair for the three countries, and Ethiopia agreed not to discuss the quotas, and we were preparing; To sign, but the Ethiopian side did not want to sign, and I think the reason for the withdrawal at that time was the “Ethiopian elections”, which is a political aspect that has nothing to do with the technical points about the dam.

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