From Saddam Hussein to hundreds of shipwrecked, the chain of casualties does not stop at the Palm Beach


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Inside the Al-Ajami neighborhood in Alexandria, specifically on the outskirts of the Palm Beach, which is affiliated with the 6th of October Association, on Friday, 11 people were drowned, 6 bodies were recovered, while the river rescue forces of the Civil Protection Department are still exerting efforts to recover the bodies of 5 others.

“Beach of death” or “reaper of souls”, names known as palm beach, devour every summer many victims, as if it was an insatiable monster, since more than 5 years ago, the beach was dedicated to the residents of the city of 6 October only, but the gates were later demolished, to become An open beach, where the number of victims to 942 people, from 2005 to 2018, according to statistics of the October 6 Association for Tourism Development, which is affiliated with the village of Palm Beach.

“It is forbidden to shower behind the barriers,” a sign that vacationers meet every year at the gate of the Palm Beach, as it is an explicit call not to mess with the beach of death, because it is known as “the large swirls and clouds”, while its area reaches 1850 meters.

Accidents «The shore of death»

At the beginning of August 2012, Saddam Hussein, brother of the young comedian, Sameh Hussein, was killed by drowning, on the Palm Beach, west of Alexandria. Two others, one of them a teacher and the other employee, drowned on the Hanoville Beach.

In July 2016, more than 10 people drowned over two days in Al Nakheel Beach, which necessitated following up the rescue system in the beach, and stressing on all sides to take preventive measures to prevent the recurrence of drowning incidents, in addition to preparing papers and studies that were done during the construction of breakwater barriers in the beach, To be presented to the professors of the College of Engineering and Shore Protection Department, to ensure their safety.

In 2017, the situation recurred, and many drowned in Palm Beach.

As if the hot July month is a date for the sinking of Palm Beach, in July 2018, Counselor Nabil Sadiq, the Public Prosecutor, ordered to open expanded investigations regarding the multiplicity of drowning cases on Palm Beach, to explain the reasons for this and determine responsibilities, after he witnessed 20 cases of drowning, as the current dredged a worker, 27 A year, while swimming, after suffering from “drowning esophagus”. His father «S. a. A », 61 years old, with a pension, that while his son was taking a bath on the palm beach, he was swept away and drowned, and he did not accuse anyone of causing his death.

Palm Beach, Alexandria

The October 6 Association – responsible for managing the Palm Beach – said that the beach is equipped with a rescue system at the highest level, and includes 25 divers and 5 «Jet Ski» the cost of the association.

The association added, in a statement, that safe swimming areas had been identified, noting that the cases of drowning in the beach all came in the early hours of the morning and before the official working hours.

Sinking of citizens, then the governor of Alexandria pushed to take all the necessary legal measures to close the beach, prevent its use by citizens, prevent swimming in it, and take all possible measures to prevent citizens from entering the beach, in order to preserve their lives and protect them due to the many cases of drowning on this beach.

In July 2019, 3 people drowned in Al Nakheel Beach, despite repeated warnings from Alexandria Governor, Abdel Aziz Qanswa, that the Palm Beach would not descend, due to its seriousness and frequent drownings in 2018, but some are still insisting to descend.

Get off before the official dates

In July 2016, the beach administration said that the victims drowned at sea, because they went to it before the official working hours of the beach, while safety instructions stipulate specific dates from sunrise to sunset, and it was also confirmed that there were instructions for vacationers and a sign stating this explicitly.

They added that «the cases were revealed after the dawn prayer, that is, before the official working hours, where the sea water is dark and difficult to see in addition to the absence of rescue workers before sunrise, and the number of them is 23 rescuers.»

Safe swimming areas

In 2018, after 8 people drowned, including 3 students, the 6th of October Association issued a statement confirming that “before entering the season, safe swimming areas are identified, confirming that the cases of drowning that occurred in the beach occurred in the early hours of the morning and before the official working hours.”

And the statement continued that “the shipwrecked refused to obey the instructions, and even the matter reached a quarrel with the security personnel, and that there are indicative boards that include instructions to prevent the landing, especially on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, as well as an ambulance unit, a resident doctor and workers.”

Palm Beach, Alexandria

After Friday’s incident, the Governorate’s Central Administration for Resorts stated in an official statement that a group of citizens went out at the fifth hour and 20 minutes in the morning to the waters of the Palm Beach in the Al-Ajami neighborhood, which is currently closed as a precautionary measure, and by a decision of the Prime Minister on banning beaches.

It is noteworthy that all of the 61 beaches of Alexandria have been closed to the public indefinitely, since last March, in implementation of the governor’s decision in the context of preventing gatherings and limiting the spread of the new Corona virus.

The governorate of the Central Administration of Tourism and Resorts appealed to the citizens to implement the instructions of the Council of Ministers not to be on the beaches and violate the instructions, in the interest of everyone’s safety.

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