Fuchi: The world is still at the beginning of the Corona epidemic – one world – out of bounds


The chief communicable disease expert, White House counselor Anthony Fuchi, said that the world is still in the first stage of the Corona virus epidemic.

“If different countries do not take measures to contain the virus, then we have to wait for the infection to spread more widely,” Fauchi told Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera on Thursday.

He continued: “We have a problem in the United States because the epidemic is not under control. We see great waves of outbreaks in Brazil, southern Africa and in Asia now. And we are only at the beginning of the global epidemic, which will likely be worse, before the improvement begins.”

Asked if the virus had become less lethal, Fauchi said: “I cannot give an accurate answer. I don’t think anyone else can. Maybe we treat patients more effectively … At this point our healthcare system is not under extreme pressure as it was Northern Italy at the beginning of the epidemic. ”

He continued: “In the end, we see in the United States now more young people among the injured, compared to what was two months ago.”



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