“G614” new mutation with corona virus .. has it become more dangerous?


12:21 PM

Friday 03 July 2020


A recent scientific study revealed that there is a new mutation of the “Covid 19” coronavirus, spread from Europe to the United States, confirming that the new mutation, which was shortened to G614, makes the virus more able to attack human cells, but this mutation does not make infected people more sick.

The journal CELL published the scientific study conducted by an international team of researchers on people, animals and cells in the laboratory showed that the modified version is more common, and it is more infectious, and they found that the 614G mutation affects the protein of the protrusions on the surface of the virus, so that the protrusions increase and make them more It is stable and helps to penetrate cells and adhere to them.

This new version, according to the researchers, reproduces faster in the upper respiratory tract, that is, the nose, sinuses and throat, which explains why it passes more easily.

All results concluded that 614G was infectious three to 9 times more infectious than previously prevalent.

Research is currently under way to see if this affects the ability to control the virus through vaccination.

But in light of these results, the researchers stressed that the use of plasma from recovered people is able to neutralize this mutation, pointing to the importance of wearing masks and social separation.

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