George Wassouf will sing his fans in his latest appearance from his home .. Video and photos


Take care The great star George Wassouf On the participation of his fans and followers, in a new video clip from inside his house, through his personal account on the Instagram photo site, he repeats some of his famous songs, in which he appeared in good health, contrary to what was recently reported in the media about his illness.

During his singing concert, which he presented on the “online line” under the slogan “complementing you with you”, Sultan Al-Tarab shined among the summer season parties that singing and singing stars on the way of “LIV” from inside their homes or some of their theaters, to entertain their fans and compensate them for Partying in light of the spread of the new Corona virus.

George Wassouf presented a large number of his most famous songs during his long singing career, including: Saber and Radhi, Horticultural day and two days, the heart of the lover, patience is good, I lost all people, my eyes ah, a surgeon, taught my heart longing, your feet Almias, Massad Ya Enlightenment, before the promise, my hope, the heart of the lover, the band is difficult, I forgot to sleep, listen to me, my most precious of my days, what a tear of sadness, Shukr Bakr.



George Wassouf said before the launch of the ceremony: “This epidemic that came to us and named Corona is from my point of view anger from God, and I was living in the first period in my city of Kafroun in Syria and saw an hour of time I walk and then return to my home, and I was always communicating with the people and heard what was common It becomes news, and everyone speaks that this epidemic is “very dangerous, and everyone is concerned, but we contribute to alleviating the burden of fear among people and getting closer to them in these difficult days through social media.”

He added that he has new lyrical works that he has finished, one of which will be launched soon through the social media, and he wished these works would be liked by the fans.


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