Global health: Coronas spread through the air is a concern, but spray is more common


Global health: Corona's spread through the air is a concern, but spray is more common


Christopher Black/WHO

Technical Director of the WHO Emergency Program, Maria Van Kerkhof.

The World Health Organization has confirmed that the transmission of the emerging coronavirus through air is always a matter of concern, especially in medical institutions.

“Airborne transmission is one of the ways to transmit the virus that has worried us from the start, especially in health care institutions,” said Maria Van Kirkhov, Technical Director of the World Health Organization’s emergency program, at a virtual news conference on Friday.

Kirchhoff explained that the spray, which contains particles of the virus, can remain in the air for a longer period of time in medical institutions.

However, the health official confirmed that spray appears to be the most common method of the virus.

On Thursday, the World Health Organization published an update of the guidance on the transmission of the Coronavirus, which acknowledged some reports of infection through the air, but it did not reach the extent of asserting that it is spread through the air, a means of transmission that cannot be prevented through the social divergence measures currently spread around the world. .

Source: “Reuters”

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