Global Health shocked everyone and warned of a new disease


The world soon recovered from the “Covid 19” epidemic, until it was shocked by other news coming from China that another disease had emerged.

After Chinese scientists revealed the emergence of a new virus called G4 EA H1N1, describing the disease as a new strain of flu transmitted from swine to humans, and asserting that humans do not have immunity against it yet, the World Health Organization also sounded the bell, and announced that it would “carefully read” the reports received From the next study from the country of a billion people, according to the “Arab” site.

A WHO spokesman said the emergence of the virus detected in pigs with slaughterhouses in China, showed that the world must remain vigilant to new diseases even as it continues to address the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, according to the British Independent newspaper, on Tuesday.

A study published in the American Journal of the National Academy of Sciences, “Monday”, also highlighted a strain of swine flu from the genetic species G4, which contains all the essential features of a possible epidemic virus, according to those concerned.

While researchers say there is no imminent threat, the Chinese biologists who conducted the research warned that “immediate, accurate monitoring of humans, especially those working in the pork industry, must be applied.”

For his part, Christian Lindmeier, an official from the World Health Organization told a press conference in Geneva on Tuesday: “We will read the paper carefully to understand what is new,” adding that “it is important to cooperate on the results level and continue to monitor the numbers of animals.”

He added that the virus sheds light on the fact that the world cannot forget the flu warning, as it needs to be alert and continue to monitor even in the face of the Corona pandemic.

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