Gold prices rise two pounds, and 21 carat records 796 pounds


Gold prices recorded today, Friday, a rise of only two pounds, due to the high price of an ounce of gold globally from 1770 to 1776 dollars, which was reflected in the price of gold in the goldsmiths market, rising to 796 pounds per gram of 21 carat, which is the best-selling in Egypt.

Gold prices after rising ..

Caliber 18: 682 pounds per gram

Caliber 21: 796 pounds per gram

Caliber 24: 909 pounds per gram

The gold pound: 6636 pounds

World price: $ 1776.

Ihab Wasef, deputy head of the precious metals division in the Chamber of Commerce, said that the global gold price recorded a slight increase due to fear of the Corona virus, and locally its price recorded 796 pounds per gram, expecting the continuation of the change in the price of gold locally and globally.

An increase in new HIV infections in the south and southwest of the United States has affected some dealers, but most investors are betting that this will not be enough to hamper a broader recovery in the global economy.

“The dollar will receive support against the yen if the US economic data comes out positive … The euro appears to be stable, but there are questions about Britain’s exit from the European Union and the pace of reopening the economy, which is,” said Shusuke Yamada, director of foreign exchange and Japanese equity strategy at Merrill Lynch Japan Securities. This means that the euro may be overvalued soon.

The dollar’s movements were confined to a narrow range on Friday, as support from safe-haven inflows came as the number of Corona virus infections in the United States discouraged investors from taking excessive risk.

The yuan also stabilized as investors avoided forming big positions due to concerns about diplomatic tension between Washington and Beijing over civil liberties in Hong Kong.

The US economy added jobs at a faster-than-expected pace in June, data showed on Thursday, but the reaction in the currency market was lukewarm due to a surprisingly strong surge in Corona virus infections, which again threatens to halt economic activities.

“The new infections in the United States have been on an upward trend since June,” said Junichi Ishikawa, chief foreign exchange strategist at IG Securities.

“The market tends towards buying the dollar more, especially against emerging market currencies, because the dollar is the most secure asset here.” In exchange for the euro, the dollar was trading at 1.1234 dollars on Friday.

The dollar held steady at 0.9462 Swiss francs after three consecutive days of gains. The pound was traded at $ 1.2463 and settled at 90.15 pence per euro.


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