Google Maps uses virtual reality positioning


Recent reports revealed the launch of a new update to the application “Google Maps”, which uses “virtual reality” to determine the locations, and the report published on the site “GSM GSM” specialized technical, that “Google Maps” uses the technology “live broadcasting to virtual reality” to determine Locations“.

GPS and Wi-Fi are not a reliable way to determine your location, but thanks to the new augmented reality feature, which users of Google Maps on Android can use that technology to determine their exact locations and in any direction they go.

The new technology on “Google Maps” determines walking directions, which uses the phone’s camera to identify your location and the visual references from Street View imagery..

Once you allow the Google Maps application to access the camera, you only need to scan the area around you, so the application can know where you are.

It is worth noting that the company is launching new features to improve its maps service, and now it has been revealed that Google Maps is testing the showing of traffic lights in the streets on Android devices only.

The people in got Droid-Life On many screenshots the Google Maps application shows traffic lights, showing the user who lives in West Des Moines, Which will soon become a city Google FiberSeveral different points around the city show traffic lights clearly at intersections, where lights can be seen in the traditional map view as well as during the navigation mode.

To that the size of the icons increases on the go, but Google has not yet included them in the list of instructions, nor has it highlighted its location along your path, etc.


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