Guardian on Trezeguet: A trip to Cairo could save Aston Villa from the loss of 200 million pounds


The British newspaper “The Guardian” paid tribute to the wing of the First Soccer Club of Aston Villa, Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, Brilliant in recent matches in the Premier League.

Trezeguet succeeded in leading Aston Villa to beat Arsenal in the thirty-seventh round, and the team became in his hands to avoid relegation to English first class by occupying seventeenth place with 34 points.

A single Villa remains in front of Aston Villa in the thirty-eighth and final round of the competition against West Ham on Sunday, and if the coach’s battalion, Dean Smith, wins, he will remain in the Premier League next season.

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Dean Smith

However, the British newspaper “The Guardian” reported that the Trezeguet deal could be Aston Villas savior from landing and the loss of nearly 200 million pounds is the result of television rights and participation in the famous tournament.

Trezeguet scored his third goal against Arsenal in the last three rounds, but all thanks to coach Dean Smith’s trip to Cairo on the opening day of the 2019 African Nations Cup against Zimbabwe.

Smith was on June 21 last year at the Cairo International Stadium, to follow the Turkish Qasim Pasha pavilion, Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet, and the Guardian newspaper described the trip as perhaps the best that Aston Villa coach did in his coaching career.

The newspaper pointed out that Smith’s mission in Cairo had paid off, as he agreed to sign Trezeguet after observing it on the field and his success in leading the Egyptian team at the time to beat Zimbabwe with a clean goal in opening the African Nations.

Mahmoud Hassan Trezeguet

Trezeguet became the club’s current savior Aston Villa In recent matches, scoring the decisive goals that gave the English team the opportunity to escape from relegation after a disappointing season because of the results.

The newspaper continued: “Smith was accompanied by the sports director of Aston Villa Club, Jesus Garcia Petarsh, in the Egyptian capital to follow Trezeguet, a deal that could save them from losing nearly 200 million pounds if they landed first degree English.”

It is worth noting that Trezeguet has participated in 33 games in the Premier League this season, scored 6 goals and scored another.


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