Hamada Hilal: This is the fact that my mother was hospitalized. The Corona patient is not defective


The past few days spread many incorrect rumors about the health of the mother of the star Hamada Hilal, as it spread that his mother had been infected with the new corona virus.

Hilal revealed in a press statement, that this talk is completely naked from the truth and that his mother is not sick with the Corona virus, pointing out that everything that has spread ridiculous rumors, pointing out that he was deeply disturbed by the view of the Corona patient that he is defective for the person, and that the truth is that Corona patients must stand Next to them and “chum” on them because the disease is neither a defect nor a disgrace to its owner, and may God forgive every patient.

As for the illness of his mother, who is currently staying in a hospital in Cairo, he said: My mother has been treated for cancer for nearly three years, and I ask all the public to pray for her to recover and those who circulate the news should make sure that she is correct.

It is noteworthy that Hamada Hilal recently released a video of “Her Beauty” from the words of Majed Sabri, distributed by Mado Saleh, and directed by Ahmed Atef, which achieved great success and a viewership that exceeded 9 million viewers.


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