Hana Al Shourbagy: Mahmoud Reda learned of the commitment and the group cried dancing the day of his wife’s death


The great artist Hana Al Shourbagy said that she learned from the late artist Mahmoud Reda commitment and discipline, and love of work since the beginning of her artistic life in the Reda band, and Shourbagy explained in special statements for the seventh day that her work in the Reda group since she was in the preparatory stage and before she was more than 15 years old, and continued: “I was an art lover from the youngest, and my mother saw the talent, and she had a close relationship with Dr. Hassan Fahmy, the father of Farida Fahmy, so I suggested that I join the Reda group, and in fact I was the youngest member of the group, and I learned in it the love of work and commitment”

Hana Al-Shourbagy indicated that the artist and director Ali Reda chose her to participate in acting in the film “Vacation of the Year”, and after that, “Gharam in Karnak”, with Reda’s band.

Hana Al-Shorbagi spoke about the most difficult situations that passed on the Reda group, saying: “The day of Nadia Fahmy’s wife, Mahmoud Reda’s sister and Farida’s sister Fahmy, who was designing the band’s clothes was one of the most difficult situations that passed on the band, where she was sick in the heart and died at the age of youth and the artist Mahmoud Reza loves her dearly, and yet he insisted that the group present its shows the day after the death because the public booked tickets, and the bereaved husband and her only sister danced despite their grief over the death of the most precious people in their lives.

And she continued: “We were all crying on the day of the show and between the show paragraphs, from the severity of sadness, but we learned to be committed to the public, whatever the circumstances.”

Hana Al Shourbagy indicated that she learned commitment from this position and that the real artist forgets his circumstances and his suffering in the most difficult moments in order to fulfill his duty towards his fans, saying: “This position was repeated with me when I stood on the stage to play my role in the shaky play with the artist Mohamed Sobhi on the death of my mother who passed away. On the day of the stay, and despite that, I traveled to play my role in the play on the day of Eid in Alexandria, because the audience has no fault of what the artist is going through.

The great artist confirmed that the love relationship she had with her late husband, the great artist and show designer, Hassan Afifi, while working together in the Reda group, where Afifi joined the group after joining her, noting that the members of the group were all like the same family.

Hana Al Shourbagy said that she was keen on communicating and reassuring the artist Mahmoud Reda, until his death on the phone and before the Corona crisis she was visiting, as she was in contact with the exhibition artist and the heroine of the red artist band Farida Fahmy.

Hana Al-Shourbagy confirmed that she is not currently associated with any technical work as it is temporarily suspended due to the Corona crisis.


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