Harry and his family leave for Los Angeles, “the greatest remorse” for Prince Charles .. know the story


Royal writer Nigel Catherine said that Charles Prince and Liz, sad and regretful that he will not be able to see his son Prince Harry and his family, especially after Harry and Megan have moved to Los Angeles.

Nigel Cathorn said that although Charles, 71, provided support to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, “there was not much he could do” to persuade them to stay, according to the British newspaper The Sun.

Prince Charles, Harry, Megan and Kate
Prince Charles, Harry, Megan and Kate

Megan Harry and Charles
Megan, Harry and Charles

Nigel, the author of “Prince Andrew, Epstein and the Palace”, told Fableus: “There is no doubt that he regrets and personally grieves at the fact that he will not see his son and family as much as he would have liked tradition and order.. “

Harry, Megan and Charles
Harry, Megan and Charles

He continued, “I think he genuinely made an attempt to support what Harry and Meghan were looking for as long as she wouldn’t bother the Queen

He added: “In fact, however, there was not much he could do regardless of providing moral supportAnd, the royal writer said that Harry and Megan had resigned from the royal family and moved to start their financially independent lives in Los Angeles, indicating that it was unlikely that Charles would try to persuade Harry to return to the royal family.

In another context, a royal writer claimed that Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, “saw problems in the future” when Megan Markle joined the royal family, despite the Prince of Wales being a fan of her strong personality. The Prince of Wales, 71, worried that there is only one place for one queen, in addition, he reported that the Prince of Wales was concerned about Sussex’s growing popularity, and was keen to keep Megan in compact size according to the British Daily Mail.


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