He ended the life of a cat and injured 4 people in Italy … everything you wanted to know


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Tuesday 30 June 2020

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While the world’s response to the Corona virus has not ended, and amid the talk of a second wave of the deadly epidemic, the Italian press sparked a surprise about the death of a cat and the infection of 4 people with a rare virus called “Lisa”, where the last infection recorded by the virus in the Caucasus in 2002, was about A dog was bitten by a bat.

The Italian newspaper “Corriere della Sera” revealed that before her death, the cat transmitted the infection to a woman, her two children and the veterinarian who was trying to save her.

After that, the Mayor of Eresto announced two urgent preventive measures, namely restricting the movement of pets such as dogs and cats, and putting any stray pets that escaped from their owners under observation for a period of 6 months, and the Italian Ministry of Health will develop a plan to take measures against the places of stray cats in The city, according to the website “Eg24 News”.

The newspaper added that the authorities distributed a leaflet whose owners must immediately report the possibility of their animals escaping, or the appearance of any symptoms that could make one suspect the emergence of diseases, such as changing nature, tendency to biting or aggression, motor paralysis or the impossibility of swallowing their pets.

Regarding the condition of the cat that died due to the virus, the newspaper said, quoting the relatives of the injured victims: “The affected cat suddenly changed its behavior and became restless and aggressive.”

Health procedures

The Italian Ministry of Health is following it with great interest, as it has formed a scientific team to collect case evidence in detail, as well as to communicate with countries where similar cases have emerged to obtain its expertise.

And after the appearance of strange symptoms on 4 individuals after mixing with the dead cat, the Italian Ministry of Health says that there was confirmation of evidence of the transmission of the virus from animal to human.

With regard to the details of the cat’s injury, the newspaper said that the cat was bitten, after the woman installed a box of bats on a tree, to help her get rid of harmful pests, especially mosquitoes.

Italian media said that the National Reference Center for Rabies at the Experimental Institute, conducted tests on the brain sample of the dead cat, and discovered that the Lisa virus was the cause of her death, and the case is currently under investigation in the Italian Ministry of Health.

The Lisa virus infects animals, especially dogs, cats and animals with fangs, and the virus has many species appearing. There are those who transmit from the animal to the animal only and another that can be transmitted from the animal to the human being through the disease.

Similar to the symptoms of the “Lisa virus”, rabies is transmitted by carnivores, and the most recent cases have been reported in Italy in red fox bodies, from 2008 to 2011, and Italy was officially free of it in 2013.

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