Health insurance: A minimum of 14 days leave for people with Coronavir virus


06:52 PM

Wednesday 08 July 2020

Books- Ahmad Juma:

The Health Insurance Authority of the Ministry of Health has decided to regularize the work of the General Presidency, with the abolition of the rotation system and alerting that all precautionary and preventive measures against the emerging Corona virus will continue to be applied.

The authority excluded in the decision to carry No. 448 for the year 2020, the owners of chronic diseases, the pregnant woman according to a decision from the General Medical Committee, and the woman who is caring for a child under 12 years of age after presenting the birth certificate from attendance and regularity in work until further notice, with the payment of all their dues Finance without calculating the value of the additional period contract after the official work hours.

The decision stressed that the employee who is confirmed to be infected with the Corona virus should be granted an exceptional leave for 14 days from the date of reporting, to be increased without a maximum limit until his recovery is complete according to the health condition decided by the specialists.


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