Heavy losses for Egyptian cinema, and only 62 pounds, revenues from a movie!


Princess Khaled (Echo):

The Egyptian cinema industry incurred heavy losses despite the easing of precautionary measures and the resumption of operating cinemas.

Three new films did not achieve only 11,186 pounds, in total revenue, including a film that achieved only 62 pounds, which is a movie “Secondary Girls” by Mohammed Al Sharnoubi and Jamila Awad.

In front of the movie Mohamed Imam, Amina Khalil, and Yasmine, the president of “The Thief of Baghdad”, he achieved 6866 pounds, and “Filos” by Tamer Hosni, Zaina, and Khaled Al-Sawi 4258 pounds, which is frustrating revenues that Egyptian cinemas have not seen before, especially in the timing of summer holidays.

The Chamber of Film Industry called on the Minister of Culture to postpone the opening date of the cinema until the blessed Eid Al-Adha, as it is expected that demand for it will increase, in addition to raising the occupancy from 25% to 50% to try to cover operating costs.


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