His girls are behind bars … 6 reasons why Tik Tok is a trap for fame seekers


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“Tok Talk” and its girls issued the facade again, after the arrest of two new girls, Wednesday, Manar Sami and Rinad Imad, on charges of “insulting modesty, incitement to immorality, and creating a page with the intention of committing a punishable crime, and advertising self-prostitution” and other accusations .

The last period witnessed the seizure of a group of the most famous “tik-to -k” users, who used the application to present content considered “dishonest and unfriendly and contrary to societal values ​​and principles”.

There are reasons that make “Tik Tok” an easy way to provide inappropriate content compared to other famous social networking sites such as “Facebook” and “Instagram” and other popular social networking applications worldwide, which are the reasons that made “Tik Tok” as a trap for its users.

The danger of “Tik Tok” lies primarily in its ability to attract teenagers and seekers of fame. According to “Al Arabia”, “Tik Tok” is a tool that can attract adolescents and young adults literally by providing and providing light content that can address the interests of this age group well .

The application provides the ability to communicate with people the user does not know through an infinite number of videos with content appropriate to his interests, provided by the “for you” icon, and the awareness of a window from which the user views millions of videos presented specifically to him.

And “Tik Tok” can collect information about the nature of the content that the user is attracted to through several methods such as the frequency of viewing a certain type of content, or how to interact with the content, and thus can literally keep up with his taste, so it may be out of control when most of the users are Adolescents or young adults.

According to Cao Huan Huan, chief research engineer at the “Beat Dance” company responsible for the application, during a technology conference in China, the company is one of the first companies to succeed in adopting an artificial intelligence system that can track user interactions, and thus provide the desired content.

Unlike Facebook, which takes the necessary measures with users in the event of broadcasting unauthorized content from temporarily closing the page or deleting the content, Tik Tok does not perform these procedures and does not impose such restrictions, and does not specify any controls for the publication of the content.

In addition to facilitating the process of integration into the content provided to users and thus easy to persuade him to participate in this content, especially as the application is easy to use, and it does not require users to create a special account, and once the application is opened it starts to show the various videos.

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