Historic highs of gold in Egypt and a new quarrel between America and Europe in the 7th day


Gold prices recorded historical levels last week in the goldsmiths market in Egypt, due to an unprecedented rise in the price of gold ounces registered at $ 1,800 dollars for the first time in 9 years, against the backdrop of countries’ failure to reach a cure for the Corona virus so far, in addition to the emergence of signs of a new crisis between America and the European Union, due to taxes on digital companies.

The United States and the United States return to negotiations on taxes on digital companies within the framework of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, but he said he was ready to present a new proposal at the level of the European Union if those talks failed..

A spokesman for the European Commission mission to Washington said that the European Union sees justice in taxing the digital economy as a top priority, and Washington says taxes on digital services imposed by France and other countries are unfairly targeting US technology companies, and a spokesman for the European Union said ” We remain committed to ensuring that all companies, including digital companies, pay their fair share of the tax when they are due“.

The administration of US President Donald Trump said last week that it would impose an additional customs fee of 25 percent on French imports worth 1.3 billion dollars, in response to the new France tax on digital services, but it would delay the application of the new fees by up to 180 days..

The US Trade Representative’s office said the move would affect French goods such as cosmetics and handbags. He said that postponing implementation would allow more time to solve the problem, including discussions in the framework of the Economic Cooperation and Development Group. The American move comes in the wake of a US investigation that concluded that the French tax involved discrimination against American technology companies such as Google, Facebook and Apple..

Among the reasons for the high demand for gold as a safe haven, what was announced by a Japanese medical university, on Friday, the failure of the efficacy of “Avigan” anti-viral drug in the treatment of patients with corona virus in the early stage of the disease.


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