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07:08 PM | Wednesday 15 July 2020

Slander and incitement to harm .. Porter complains the President of Zamalek to the Attorney General and requests the lifting of immunity

Hani Al-Atal

Hani Al-Attal, the vice-chairman of the club of Zamalek, submitted a formal complaint to the Attorney General against the current president of Zamalek.

Al-Attal revealed that “the complaint he made about the incidents of insulting and slandering, inciting violence, threatening to harm and disturbing peace and security by the president of Zamalek Club.”

“The porter” in the complaint stressed that everything that the current president of Zamalek club does, facts that represent crimes that disturb public security and peace and ignite discord among Egyptian football fans, fortified with the curtain of parliamentary immunity.

And he asked the “porter,” according to the complaint: “The student requests your honor to take the necessary action in the direction of investigating the incidents of insulting, defaming, threatening and igniting discord among the Egyptian football fans, performed by the current club president, with a request for permission from the House of Representatives to lift parliamentary immunity from him.” To take action against him. ”

Hani Al-Atal issued an official statement on his personal Facebook page on the events of Zamalek Club during the current period.

Al-Atal said in his statement: “The porter after submitting the 109th communication, asking in a fiery statement: When will the” Hurricane of Rage “receive immunity from those who are immune? The transgressions of those sitting on the chair of Zamalek exceeded all limits after his” repeated carbon “speech became a torrent of insults Insults and delving into symptoms are incompatible with Egyptian values ​​and principles, and the long reach reached insulting the Egyptian people with their alliance with divorce, “There is no man in this country.” “Hurricane Rage” struck everyone, and his repetition of lies was no longer useful after he completely implemented his score, and the question I address on behalf of 100 A million Egyptians, when will the inevitable person be held accountable for immunity ?!

He continued: “The immunity granted to the deputy parliament to defend the rights of the people was taken as a way to insult all people of the people, and armed them to spread their toxins and stir up sedition, and I am completely confident that the day of reckoning will inevitably come, and very soon, especially since President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi has repeatedly stressed that There is no one above the count, and honorable homeland are awaiting the lifting of immunity to appear before the investigating authorities to hold him accountable for reports and violations. ”

The Al-Atal statement added: “On the personal level, after I was elected vice president of Zamalek Club by 22 thousand votes, by the general assembly that overthrew his son, I preferred not to respond to his violations with the same disgraceful behavior in respect of the state and the rule of law, and resorted to the legal path, and today specifically I submitted a new communication, bringing the total of the submissions that I submitted to 109 to this person, especially that leaving it in this way would undermine the values ​​of justice and equality that we were brought up with, and I am sure that the time has come to hold him accountable for all the crimes he committed in my right and the right of all The honorable people of this country who ask whether he attends the law and raise immunity after dividing him: “The country does not have a man” or does this prolonged transgression continue ?!


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